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The Green Room Collaborative (TGRC) is a regional, national, and international, Phoenix-based landscape design practice. The design firms founded by Charlie Ray, ASLA and Brian Kissinger, are focused on the goal of creating places for civic expression which reveal ecological, art and social phenomena, processes, and relationships.  This strategic partnership brings together vanguard design with youthful energy and with decades of field tested practice. TGRC has an extensive record of award-winning multi-disciplinary park, botanical garden, plaza, open space and residential projects.

Most of our projects involve public participation, including collaborations with community and neighborhood groups and public presentations. Our residential work is unsurpassed in both quality and breadth of scale. This work includes the smallest of gardens to extensive estate projects. Whether small or large, our work is always tailored to the client, collaborating designers and especially for those planned to use it.

T  E  A  M

Our commitment to art, ecology, horticulture, and the exploration of landscape form is complemented by an extensive background in all levels of the design and construction processes. Furthermore, we have the interest, knowledge and experience to understand and implement a strategy for project funding and promotion. From the earliest stages of a project, we are committed to provide creative, efficient, and highly personalized professional services.

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